It is difficult to adapt here, the stomach is the third day hurts – Pidruchny about CHE in Belarus

Трудно адаптироваться здесь, желудок уже третий день болит, – Пидручный о ЧЕ в Беларуси

The captain of the national team of Ukraine on biathlon Dmitry Pidruchny commented on his performance in the sprint race at the championship of Europe in Belarusian Raubichi

Dmitry Pidruchny, who took 18th place in the sprint, he complained about the condition of the track and not the best health.

“Two penalties on the rack due to the fact that he simply flawed in some degree at the turn. It’s hard to say what exactly the problem was, made some mistakes and, in the end, not closed two targets. Today the track is better prepared than it was in the relay , but still, it is very hard. In the course of it is broken, and under a snow cover the ice, and skis slip” – quoted Dmitry portal

After the flight I still hard to adapt here, the stomach is the third day aches and overall not feeling well. As for the organization and stadium – all at the highest level, I think Raubichi can take the world Cup.

Note that for men the following will be a pursuit race, which starts on Sunday, February 24, at 10:00 Kyiv time.

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