It is difficult to understand the logic of Cloves when he says that Russia is not the aggressor – Stakhovsky

Трудно понять логику Гвоздика, когда он говорит, что Россия не является агрессором, – Стаховский

The first racket of Ukraine Sergiy Stakhovsky sharply reacted to the words of the boxer Oleksandr gvozdik about politics.

Xsport Stakhovsky commented on his recent sparring in a social media Stud, who spoke on the topic of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

He said his opinion, people have that right. In Russia now some people say that Chernobyl was not, and there was no explosion, and radiation we have. That is, you can tell a lot, but to say that we have unleashed themselves and it is supported… It’s certainly an interesting option, but to unleash it themselves we certainly didn’t. As I recall, the Crimea is not in Ukraine. Therefore, we do not could. But to say that Russia did not take part in it – also somehow funny.

Carnations seem to be living abroad… it’s hard for Me to understand his logic. I’m just in 2014 there was, and what I saw… I will Say this: I wouldn’t want to see my children. That’s all
said Stakhovsky.

Sport 24 wrote that Alexander Carnations ready to fight in Russia. Boxer, who in the next match will meet with Russian Arthur Beterbiev, does not see this as a problem.

Carnations gave the example of Alexander Usik, who is in Moscow defeated the Russians Murat Gassieva and became the absolute world champion.

In addition, Carnations commented on the war between Russia and Ukraine. In his opinion, war is a means of gain and business. According to him, war gave companies manufacturing the equipment, make military equipment.

Next fight Alexander Carnations will play against Artur Beterbiev.
It needs to be held 18 October in Philadelphia, USA.