It is easier to prevent than to solve the problem by Dr. Komorowski spoke about childhood obesity

Легче предотвратить, чем потом решать проблему: доктор Комаровский рассказал о детском ожирении

Since 1980, the number of children suffering from obesity has increased around the world exactly three times. Such data are cited by the world health organization. As reported about this in his blog wrote the chief pediatrician of Ukraine Yevhen Komarovsky. He said that the main cause of childhood obesity is energy imbalance – when the caloric content of children’s diet exceeds the energy costs of the child.

According to Komarovsky, obesity in a child is much easier to prevent than in the future to solve this problem. Role in influencing a child’s weight playing just the parents. If you don’t want your kid was overweight and health problems that always come with obesity, you should from infancy to form in their children the correct eating habits. The kids have to eat Breakfast with their parents, not skip meals, dinner with their parents. Such habits, the child will remain in the future, becoming an adult. Komorowski noted that in no case should the child be forced to eat all the contents of the dish. The healthy child himself knows, what portion is needed to satisfy hunger.

It is also not necessary between meals to stuff the child with candy and other sweets. When the child becomes smart, parents should tell him about the benefits and harms of different products. To prevent obesity it is necessary to reduce the amount of salt, sugar, the child should always be a bottle of water, parents should not impose a strict ban on certain foods.