It is important to investigate the recognition of Zhvania and “Film Derkach” is a way to remove the mafia from power – Vadim Rabinovich

Важно расследовать признание Жвании и «Пленки Деркача» - это путь убрать мафию из власти, - Вадим Рабинович

“Today, the former people’s Deputy David Zhvaniya is becoming a key player in Ukrainian politics only because he is the band member who gives evidence and an irrefutable witness of the events of 2014. So today we all need to know how his statement will affect Ukraine. It is important because before you start treatment, you need to understand its origins.” This opinion was expressed by MP of Ukraine, co-Chairman of political party “Opposition platform For life” Vadim Rabinovich, commenting on the program “Prime” on the TV channel “112 Ukraine” the statement of David Zhvaniya’s that fifth President and his team in 2014 seized power, “buying” support in the European Union and promised the oligarchs benefit.

The politician reminded Ukrainians that happened in the winter of 2014.

“Then Tyagnibok, Klitschko, Yatsenyuk, under the mediation of Western diplomats signed an agreement with Yanukovych that the country stop the unrest, formed the transitional government and, later, presidential elections are held. Country with all his potential went to normal democratic development. Despite this, led by Parasyuk radicals stormed and tantrum, destroyed the country, mixed with dirt “Berkut”, which, I note, was only following orders. Then, with the help of bribes and murders, came to power, the bandits scored the brains of the Europeans, made them hostage to their corrupt “obrazok” and effectively destroyed the country, plunging it war and poverty” – briefly reminded Vadim Rabinovich.

All this causes absolute misunderstanding of “what we raise in our state,” said the politician.

“I’ve watched Petro Poroshenko, who came to defend in court the man poured green paint of the MP from the “opsi” Oleg Voloshin. He as the king made the speech in defense of the attacker, “prohabita”, although everyone heard and films Derkach, and the statements of Zhvania on corruption and a criminal organization in 2014. I understand that news of corruption and murder of their own country power do not impress anyone, but today is the first time a member of an organized criminal group Zhvania admitted that he participated in those events, brought relevant facts and himself to stay in Ukraine!” – noted Vadym Rabinovich.

“Dear Ukrainians, already this morning, David Zhvaniya had to take under the state protection, as it would have done in any other country in the world. Should get a statement from him? Of course, Yes! He said that the Maidan has been paid for the bandit group, the war began through the activities of this criminal group. He said that the Europeans who are defending Poroshenko, Klimkin received through him 5 million! This in a country nobody cares about? Law enforcement we don podureli?!” – outraged co-Chairman of party “Oppositional platform For life”.

“In any country of the world this information would be a sensation. And we have – nothing! Zhvania said, “I repent before the people, I’m a member of a criminal group…” Reaction – zero! On the “films Derkach”, I discussed how sold the country, Poroshenko brags to Biden that, well, instead of increasing fares by 70%, it has increased 100%… reaction – zero! And while Peter yet somehow miraculously in the streets can safely walk”, – noted the politician.

“All these scandalous events suggests the reflection: the gang was gone, came a new power, but she’s not even trying to respond to the egregious crimes! So, can all have a past intertwined with the present, and they have “another why?!”” – asked the Deputy.

But if the government is going to continue to remain silent, this is not going to do the opposition. Co-Chairman of party “Oppositional platform For life” said that he as the MP and co-chair of the second most popular party in the country appealed to the attorney-General Irina Venediktova with the requirement at least to answer, whether a criminal case on the outrageous facts presented by David Zhvania, and if not, when and how the power is going and whether to respond to all crimes and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Важно расследовать признание Жвании и «Пленки Деркача» - это путь убрать мафию из власти, - Вадим Рабинович

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