“It is important to realize the groundlessness of the accusations”: the Kremlin has commented on the publication of the report of Muller

«Стоит осознать надуманность обвинений»: Кремль прокомментировал публикацию доклада Мюллера

Embassy of the Russian Federation in the United States published a 120-page report on the so-called “investigation of spectracolor Mueller” about the “Russian interference” in the US presidential election in 2016. According to the analysis of Russian diplomats, Washington has injected itself in voluntary delusion.

Designated by the U.S. Congress, the attorney-investigator of the U.S. Department of justice Robert Mueller for the past three years in gathering information about a possible intervention of the Russian Federation in the course of the presidential elections in the United States. According to the American parliamentarians, initiated the investigation in the victory of the presidential election Donald trump’s crucial role was played by a combination of harmonious actions of employees of the Russian intelligence services (primarily, the SVR and GRU) and purchased by U.S. agents among the upper strata of political and business elite of the United States.

As this “investigation” from the beginning to the end it was just an effort on the part of North American politicians, dissatisfied with the election of Donald trump to get his early retirement and had under itself no bases, the investigative group of spectacular Muller failed to achieve anything and show clear evidence of ties Donald trump with the intelligence services and Russian authorities. The most high-profile political trial in US history, the outcome of which could be prosecution by the U.S. President with high treason, ended in scandal.

In any case, the groundlessness of the accusations became clear at exactly the moment when the investigation team Robert Mueller gave the U.S. Congress a report on the work done. From the report it became clear that nothing but unsubstantiated accusations and assumptions of the Board of Mueller no.

Embassy of the Russian Federation in the United States, whose previous leader Alexander Kislyak accused in the conspiracy of the foreign intelligence Service of Russia with a trump, after reviewing the report of the investigation team Mueller, has released its analytical report studied the document. At the end of the document, symbolizing the Kremlin’s foreign Ministry commented on the publication of the report of Muller by saying that Washington “Should realize the groundlessness of the accusations” against Russia, and finally return to normal diplomatic relations between Russia and the United States.