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Чим не можна запивати ліки: поради фахівців - 24 Канал

There are drinks which it is impossible to wash down medicines under any circumstances. The components included in the composition of these drinks affect absorption of drugs: in some cases, such exposure can provoke dangerous consequences.

About it reports “MEDCTR” with reference to the words clinical pharmacologist Svetlana Nikolskaya.

About what medicines not to drink alcohol , but the reasons of this prohibition are not known to everyone. Alcohol increases the acidity in the stomach, and as a result of decomposition of drugs can accelerate. The response of the body can be unpredictable. Alcohol may reduce and increase the effects of drugs.

Чим не можна запивати ліки: поради фахівців - 24 Канал
Medications can not be taken with alcohol

Grapefruit juice. This drink blocks the synthesis of the enzyme CYP3A4, which is responsible for the absorption of drugs. That is, the juice will neutralize the effect of contraceptives, antihistamines, anticonvulsants, pain medications, drugs for lowering cholesterol, antidepressants.

Coffee rapidly excretes antibiotics, which significantly reduces their effectiveness. Coffee paired with a painkiller – hell of a mix: this combination increases the likelihood of serious toxic effects of medicines, particularly dangerous for the liver, kidneys and heart.


Tea. A substance tannin, contained in tea, has the ability to bind iron. For this reason, the drink, it is unsuitable for medicine consuming from iron deficiency anemia. Additionally, the tea is not combined with drugs intended for the treatment of disorders of the nervous system.

Sparkling water. Large amounts of sugar and carbon dioxide in carbonated water cause fermentation. The effects of drugs can how much to slow down, and Vice versa.


Mineral water – drink alkaline, that is, reduces the acidity of gastric juice. So the medications will split slowly.

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