It is necessary to fix at the legislative level the minimum cost per hectare – expert

Необходимо зафиксировать на законодательном уровне минимальную стоимость одного гектара - эксперт

From medium and small farmers, there are legitimate concerns that they will be less effective, not as fast at the opening of the land market, more affluent competitors simply ahead, and ‘oligarchs’ and foreigners – abaissement and deprive the economy. To remove these fears also quite simple – it is necessary to clearly define at legislative level the minimum cost of one hectare and provide fair and competitive pricing in the sale of land.

About this in his article for ZN.UA says Ivan Miroshnichenko. Also, in his opinion, it is necessary to provide opportunities for the development of the market of land lease, emphyteusis, by enabling the sale of lease rights of perpetual lease, their security Deposit (mortgage), and the ability of mortgage financing to purchase the land.

“That is the producer is the tenant and the owner of the unit you need to structure competitive financing of purchase of land and provide access to long-term and competitive funding,” – said the expert.