It is necessary to go through several circles of hell – Garden about the case against him

Надо пройти еще несколько кругов ада, - Садовый о деле против него

Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovy in the channel 24 told about the case against him, local elections, decentralization and elections in the Donbass.

About the case against Garden

Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovy said that SAP took another six months for the investigation of the case against him. We are talking about allegedly non-market sale of land in the village of Ryasne European company CTP.

“SAP has not appealed to the court to renew my personal commitment. They took another six months that is four years not enough for them to investigate. What will they do – I don’t know,” said the mayor of the city.

He added that his lawyers, using the law, questioning everyone who did the assessments.

I think that we will have a very interesting factual material because I am convinced that there was pressure on those structures which by order of the Prosecutor’s office did certain conclusions. Because the land was sold by the city at the highest price possible. You to understand that 52 million entered in the budget of the city

– stressed Garden.

He stressed that the company P pays taxes, but can not do anything to implement. Moreover, the bad image of the whole country.

“And the assertion that it is not Lviv land itself disappeared. Even prosecutors understand that this is absurd,” added Garden.

We live in very interesting time when we need the world to say: “People come here, create jobs.” And it is said the President, Prime Minister. But the Prosecutor’s office said, “No, don’t go to Ukraine because you can do something to do.” I am optimistic, but realize that I still have some hell to go through,

– concluded the mayor of the city.

How much money is lost lions for four years, the case against the Garden

According to the Garden, the city lost not only money, but jobs, as the company CTP planned to build a modern industrial Park – industrial Park.

Is 3 thousands of jobs that are not created. Taxes – tens of millions of hryvnia, which are not regularly available in the budget. And the investment that was planned up to 100 million euros, is also not done,

– said the mayor of the city.

He added that all the communications are brought, the earth, and the investor still can not go, because SAP requires that the agreement was terminated.

The mayor of the city stressed that this situation will scare away investors from Ukraine.

Will bypass the tenth road, and say that “God forbid”. Because your time, money, health – and will have a sea of problems

– stressed Garden.

What is known about the case against the Garden

November 21, 2019 SAP announced Andriy Sadovy suspicion in the case of the construction of the industrial Park in Ryasne near Lviv, which plans to start a foreign company PAGE. We are talking about criminal proceedings in 2015, investigating which law enforcement officers several times in 2016 searched the Lviv city Council, and the Garden in July 2017 was interrogated in the Prosecutor’s office.

According to prosecutors, the city Council of Lviv too cheaply sold the land for this industrial Park for $ 52 million hryvnias.

On 27 November, the Highest anti-corruption garden court chose a measure of restraint in the form of pledge in 1 million hryvnias. 50 times less than what was demanded by prosecutors.

SAP has not calmed down, and already on December 4 in the court of Appeal was required to increase the Deposit to 50 million.

The appellate court reversed the Deposit and completely changed the measure of restraint on the personal obligation. Since then two months have passed and no new claims from SAP no.

About the need for local elections

Lviv mayor is convinced that if we hold early elections in spring, in autumn of 2020 need to be regular, as it is written in the law. And this is additional cost the budget money, so it’s good that the authorities refused from the idea of early local elections. At the same time, according to him, now in many cities of Ukraine the actual “power” are representatives of the criminals.

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The threat of elections in Donbass

Garden believes that the elections on the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine may be held only under Ukrainian law after the withdrawal of Russian mercenaries. This takes pressure on Russia from the US, France and Germany. According to him, elections could theoretically be held, however, people have been brainwashed and they will choose clearly Pro-Ukrainian minded forces. Because this election could tear Ukraine apart.

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The draft law on decentralization

In December 2019, the President of Ukraine introduced to the Verkhovna Rada the bill on changes to the Constitution regarding the decentralization of power. Subsequently, the relevant Committee returned the bill for revision and the new version withdrew himself Zelensky. In the document, in particular, it was said that the prefect, who must be instead of the head of region had the right to stop any decision of the local authorities. On his initiative, the President can remove any head indefinitely. According to the Garden, in fact it is an usurpation of power, but under the current legislation.

Thinks Andriy Sadovy on decentralization in Ukraine read in the material.

About threats to journalists in Lviv

At the end of 2019, pseudoactivity, which is known for involvement in land Scam, have started to threaten the journalists of the Lviv newspaper Zaх Andrew Drozdov and March Kohut. The mayor of the city emphasized that it would be to help and support those journalists and public figures who have the courage to speak the truth and go forward. In addition, the Garden said that over the years 2016-2019 the police and the Prosecutor’s office of Lviv region was under the influence of criminals. In particular law enforcement authorities have often used people who have gone through the war.

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