It is necessary to take into account these habits which will prolong the life of

Стоит взять во внимание: названы привычки, которые продлят жизнь

Scientists published two rules: a long and healthy life. It is reported portal Strenia.

We are talking about the specialists of the Helsinki University, which analyzed about 12 experiments with 116 participants. Experts have concluded that for longevity it is necessary to prevent obesity (to keep the body mass index above 25), moderately drink alcohol, don’t smoke and adhere to regular exercise.

Two key rules to control weight and diet as well as quitting Smoking, alcohol, and replace all this on sports exercise. Compliance with all of these recommendations will help to live to 70.3 years, while not suffering from diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and respiratory diseases.

Note that it’s necessary to eat a variety of foods proteins fats carbohydrates and vitamins. Try to consume cereals – oatmeal, buckwheat, a variety of cereals, wholegrain bread. Also do not forget about dairy products and meat.

Especially useful for cheese – it should be consumed in its pure form, without pre-treatment. Kefir and yogurt with their “good” bacteria also support the immune system.

And in order to avoid obesity, try to observe the daily amount of calories.

Стоит взять во внимание: названы привычки, которые продлят жизнь