“It is unprofitable to transport them” in Nikolaev marshrutchik expelled students from the salon

«Невыгодно их перевозить»: в Николаеве маршрутчик выгнал школьников из салона

In Nikolaev the driver of the 53 bus route (Okean plant – the prospect Central) refused to pay the fare group of students.

The incident occurred on Friday, April 26. Coach young athletes said that the driver drove the children together with the guide of the salon, referring to the fact that they are “unprofitable to carry”.

Children of the sports Department of the Ship district wanted to go for the money route 53 for a physical examination, but the driver refused and was kicked out of taxi VE 3932 AA, referring this to the group and must be ordered separately taxi. Children were 8 people with a guide. The driver referred to the fact that he needs to feed his family, and the children not favorable to him than breaking the contract of carriage. Praise this driver-grabber!“, – wrote the coach, noting that the driver of the next bus without disturbances fortunate children.

According to the materials: novosti-n.org