It now looks beautiful Anna from “Brigade”

Как сейчас выглядит красавица Аня из «Бригады»

Russian actress Aleksandra Florinskaya-Budanova his early career played mostly the role of temptresses and bitch, but over time it changed roles.

Alexander was born in St. Petersburg, 42 years ago. The artist was born in a creative family. Her great-grandfather and grandmother were actors, the grandfather of the operator, and his father a Director.

At the age of fifteen years Budanov (after 2003 took the surname of his great-grandfather and became Florinsky) became a model. After school she went on exchange to the States, and on returning home he entered the Academy of dramatic arts, where he studied acting.

After graduating from high school, she got an offer to work at the Comedy Theatre. Akimova. In 1994 young actress first appeared on screens in the film, the play “Dedication to love”. At the same time it is not scored and a career as a model. In 1998, Alexander became the Vice-miss Russia. Several times the actress played in the Theater of Roman Viktyuk.

Florinskaya starred in the popular in the “nineties”-the”zero” crime series such as “Streets of broken lamps”, “stopping power”, “Turkish March”. She also received a small, but significant role in the Brigade. That is her character seducing Sasha White, climbing into his bed. In the middle of “zero” she changed roles and became more serious heroines: business lady and socialite.

In marriage, the actress was twice. With the first husband, a fellow actor’s workshop actor Gorobchenko Alexander met in high school. Their marriage lasted six years, from 1997 to 2003. Mr Alexander gave birth in 1997, his son Gleb.

Her second husband was producer Nikolai Bilyk. He was involved in the production of programmes such as “Relish”, “Historical Chronicles with Nikolay Svanidze”. To this marriage were born a son, Nicholas (2005) and daughter Agatha (2013).

Florinskaya participated in more than forty paintings.

At the moment her last appearance on the screens – a series of “war of the families”, which was released in February of this year.

Как сейчас выглядит красавица Аня из «Бригады»

Как сейчас выглядит красавица Аня из «Бригады»