“It seemed that life was over”: Gontareva told when she started a black stripe

In the life of the former head of the NBU such tragedies never happened

/ Photo: press center of the NBU

Former head of the National Bank of Ukraine (2014-2018) Valeriya hontareva believes that the accident in London

a search in the Kiev apartment, arson of the car of her son and a fire in a country house near Kiev is a “fee” for her reforms in the financial sector and restoring order in the banking industry of Ukraine.

She stated in the broadcast socio-political talk show “Freedom of speech Savik Shuster” on TV channel “Ukraine”.

“In my life, such tragedies never happened. And experience it’s very hard. Because it was our family home. All of our values, relics, and photos burned to the ground. It is very difficult to survive. On Tuesday (17 September, when the house was burned down in Horenychi. – Ed.) I thought life was over. But trying to live as-that to survive,” says the former head of the NBU.

“You said black, she said, turning to the host of the talk show. – Black stripe, probably in my life began not today, but five years ago, when I decided to go in and make reforms. And when five years ago I just constantly vilified, and now she just focused to the end”, – said Gontareva.

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“26 of August I got hit by a car, then… blow up the family’s car my son (it was registered to my daughter-in-law, also called Valeriya Gontareva). After that, ten people broke into the Kyiv apartment where we have 18 years of living, I just was. Without explaining who they are, not communicating with me nor with lawyers. And the last is probably the apotheosis. When the night of Monday to Tuesday shooting my house. And it’s a terrible sight,” concluded the economist.

Recall that President Vladimir Zelensky reacted to the burning of the house Gontareva, calling it a “brutal crime.”

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