It seems, Ubisoft is hinting at a new game under the brand Tom Clancy’s

Похоже, Ubisoft намекает на новую игру под брендом Tom Clancy's

In December last year Ubisoft started titerite in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands fictional company Skell Technology, which even dedicated a separate website and on YouTube. More information about this “Easter eggs” was not. Still.

On the above website there is a page with the invitation to the event SkellCon, which will be held may 9 at 21:30 Moscow time. Even offer to put the date in a digital calendar.

Interestingly, at the bottom there is a icon organization ESRB, saying that the age rating of the product is not appropriated. This means that we are likely waiting for a new game and not an addition to the already released.

Of the most probable variants – the next Ghost Recon or Watch Dogs 3. The game first series was the source of this teaser, and trikvel second, judging by the partially confirmed rumors, due out this year.

Of course, we can assume that Ubisoft is preparing the long awaited sequel to Splinter Cell, rumors of which (and quite plausible) also a long walk on the Network. However, analyst Daniel Ahmad (Ahmad Daniel) said that to expect the announcement of the game Sam Fisher’s still not worth it.