It turns out that 95% of people wash their hands completely wrong

Оказывается, 95% людей моют руки совершенно неправильно

According to a study conducted by the University of Michigan, very few people properly wash their hands. The low statistics shocked even the study authors.

“These findings were unexpected for us, because in the past the study of proper washing of the hands had a higher rate”, – noted in the study.

According to the Center for control and prevention of disease, proper hand washing technique may even save a person’s life. It also reduces the risk of infection through food and other infections.

Proper hand washing technique is to wet your hands with clean cold or warm water and then apply soap. Wipe hands together, making foam, cleaning them thoroughly between fingers and under fingernails for at least 20 seconds. After rinse them under running water before you dry them with a clean towel or air dryer.

These studies occurred in public toilets, located in academic colleges. They observed more than 3,700 people and found that 95 percent of them wash their hands incorrectly. 33 % of people did not use soap, while 10% completely missed the hand washing. Template hand washing was about 6 seconds, far below the recommended duration.

15% of men and 7% of women do not wash their hands. And of those who did, 50% of men used soap, and among women – 79%.

The researchers also noted that restaurant owners should be concerned about the new results, as are the consumers.

“Imagine you’re a restaurant owner, and people come to you and get a food infection through the fecal-oral route, because people do not wash their hands, and the reputation of your restaurant drops significantly because people think that it is because of your food. So you can lose your business” – experts say.

It is especially important to wash your fingertips, because they are the most critical.

If you have no opportunity to wash hands, use disinfectant hand sanitizer alcohol-based – of at least 60% alcohol, but such funds do not eliminate all germs on your hands.