It turns out that a recurrence of herpes you can get rid of: the doctor told how the

Виявляється, рецидиву герпесу можна позбутись: лікар розповів, як саме

Doctors warn of summer danger to persons infected with herpes simplex virus, the newspaper “Express”. It turns out that the sun provokes more frequent relapses. I wonder which factor is the danger of high air temperature, solar insolation?

— First of all cold sores aktiviziruyutsya, if reduced levels of immunity — says Fedor Lapiy, associate Professor of pediatric infectious diseases of the NMAPE named after P. L. Shupyk, chief freelance immunologist capital. — Relapses occur under the influence of ultraviolet radiation during the sun, because the sun’s rays adversely affect the operation of the immune system.

However, the list of provocative factors does not end there. Herpes simplex virus is often manifested against the background of overwork, stress, excessive stress at work in women before menstruation. Mainly on the lip there is a painful seal, which eventually turns into morning. Over the years, the lesions may be appear on the cheek, the nose…

Duration of relapse an average of up to 7 — 10 days, the person bothering pain, discomfort in the affected area.

Sometimes herpes appears on the eve of important events, for example, the day before the wedding. Is there a way to stop this process?

— Those who have herpes, you know that the first relapse the day before, there is a feeling of itching, skin seal. If as soon as these symptoms, apply to this section cotton swab dipped in alcohol, and a little support, herpes does not pop up”.

— Is it possible to get rid of this virus?

Unfortunately, viruses belonging to the herpes group, enter the human body forever. Drugs that rid the body of them, yet.

In fact, however, there is a solution. If the recurrence rate of herpes simplex virus during the year exceeds six episodes, is to go through immunotherapy. Six months will have to take medicines every day. It’s suppressive, anti-relapse therapy owing to which there is inhibition of reproduction of herpes (international name: “acyclovir”, “valaciclovir”). Not only that, during this time will not relapse, they may never get bored.

— If a family has a person with herpes, is to resort to other some preventive measures?

— During a relapse, you should avoid kissing, because that is the way of infection. I should point out that herpes is not life-threatening pathogen, finally, according to the researchers, approximately 90% of the world population are infected with this virus. Quite often it does not manifest itself for decades, so people may not even be aware of his presence in the body. And often, this virus begins to manifest itself only at a later age. Explanations for this yet.

Larisa, PECUH

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