It turns out that the iPhone and AirPods protect your hearing. Know?

Оказывается, iPhone и AirPods берегут ваш слух. Знали?

The Health app on the iPhone does a lot to ensure that we followed their condition. It exists not the first year and gradually, people are beginning to come to attention. First, its functionality was not very rich, but over time it has acquired additional functions and has become increasingly useful. One such feature is the hearing test, which will allow not only to conduct a competent prevention of damage to delicate organs, but also will allow to understand whether you have a progressive deviation. Let’s see how it works and where to look for such important information.

The contents

  • 1 How to set records on the lock screen
  • 2 features of the application “Health” on the iPhone
  • 3 Apple cares about our health
  • 4 Dangerous silence?

How to: configure records on the lock screen

The first place where you can deal with the Health app before on the iPhone, it is locked screen. You can make the appropriate settings and on the lock screen are available the most important health indicators that may be useful for first aid. For example, blood group, chronic diseases, and much more, including a phone number at which to call in the event that the owner of the smartphone will be unconscious.

To configure this mapping in the Health app. True, the location of this information are not very logical. In order to see the data of medical cards, will have to try to unlock the phone, then when you receive the password, click on “SOS” in the lower left corner there already and click medical ID. It would be logical to place this item directly on the lock screen. However, just imagine how much good could be in such a map, if the owner of the smartphone will fill in all the data, and the one who will help him, will know where to find them. So you can really save a life.

Features of the application “Health” on the iPhone

Another enjoyable moment of the application’s “Health” can be called the opportunity to work with third-party applications and gadgets. In contrast to the devices of the smart home that need to support HomeKit, everything is a little easier and even cheap devices work fine with the standard iPhone app, exchanging data with it. It can be scales, blood pressure monitors, trackers and even inhalers.

The data from these applications in turn can be used by other applications. For example, counters of calories consumed, which can adjust the daily rate of consumption based on activity. That is, the system is very wide and supports two-way data transmission.

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I’ll use some devices that give their data in a regular app from Apple, and overall I like the system. Now I have to check all the new items on the possibility of such exchange. If it is, I give all rights.

Another very interesting feature that became especially prominent after the release of AirPods Pro is the ability to test hearing. To protect hearing from damage, there are several ways. The first of them allows to analyze the noise level on the basis of data received from the Apple Watch.
You must have missed, but the AirPods Pro users complained about the quality of the noise reduction after the updates
At the presentation of Apple Watch 5 talked a lot about such features as tracking ambient noise. Built-in microphone analyzes how noisy around the clock and give warnings about the need to leave this place before it can harm your health.

For example, the recommendation suggests that the volume of the ambient noise of 80 dB is safe only in the first 5.5 hours, and at a volume level of 90 dB it is better to leave this place in half an hour so as not to expose themselves to risk to damage your hearing.

Examples of the volume:

  • Whisper – 30-39
  • Library – 40-45 dB
  • Heavy rain – 50-55 dB
  • Conversation – 60-69 dB
  • Vacuum 70-79 dB
  • Boiling kettle – 80-89 dB
  • Motorcycle – 90-99 dB
  • An ambulance siren – 100-109 dB
  • Rock concert – 110-119 dB
  • Thunder – 120-130 dB

There are noisier things. For example, short-term volume level with a strong blast can reach 200 dB. The sound even without prolonged exposure can cause serious harm to your hearing AIDS. Even quieter, but a long sound, for example, when the volume of 70-90 dB can have an effect on the Central nervous system. If the volume is above 100 dB can damage these delicate elements of the ear, as the eardrum and bones of the inner ear.

All these sounds are recorded in hours and transferred to the Health app, which accumulates them and can give summary statistics for days, weeks, months and so on. The app can even show the average ambient noise level in the past and in the current year. This will allow us to understand how much safer it would be, for example, to change jobs, to move away from major highways or cease to use the subway.

In addition to measuring noise in the clock, there is still noise in the headphones. At the same time, this feature works not only with the brand headphones from Apple, but also with some others. The app will even say what model of conjugate are suitable for a precise definition and which are not.

About the same as in the case of surround sound, statistics are gathered, but not external sounds, and internal. That is, those that send the headphones in his ears. In the end, you will be able to see at what point of time you listened to music louder, and some quieter. Thus, the comparison from year to year will allow to understand whether the changed perception of the sound and if you listen to the music louder. If Yes, it is an occasion to reflect and to consult a doctor, because subjectively he could stay the same, and due to the fact that the hearing has become less acute, increased the playback volume.

Apple cares about our health

On the one hand, it is strange that Apple does not promote such ideas and actively shares information about this. On the other hand, it’s nice that she pays attention to the little things. It really impresses and says that she does not want to show everyone what she’s nurturing, and gradually adds in the “Health” of the new function.

There, in the Health app, you can find even a bit banal but effective tips on how to protect your hearing from damage. Among them, the recommendation used the ear plugs if you are planning a long in a noisy place, headphones noise cancelling and periodic rest in quiet places.

Dangerous silence?

Many people think that complete silence is very nice, and they want to be in such silence, but actually silence is a damn dangerous thing.

What we used to call silence is actually filled with different sounds. Even at night it can be the tick of a clock, the murmur of the water in the pipes, the road outside the window, the wind, the rustle of leaves and even your own breathing, we just do not pay attention to it, but your brain comfortable that he is in normal habitat.

There are research rooms in which blocks 99.99 percent of external noise. They have thick walls and stand on soft suspension, to even remove the noise of ground vibrations. Usually in these rooms check the noise level of those or other devices, objects and gadgets.

To be in this room more than 40-50 minutes can not be a single person. Silence literally puts pressure on the brain and the person starts hallucinating and he hears those sounds which are actually there. This is proven by many studies and nature can not be fooled. Our hearing is configured so that we didn’t hear the pulsation of blood in the vessels of the ear, his own breathing and many other sounds that we simply don’t need. The problem is, what if all of this off, the problems begin.

Can only say one thing! The hearing must take care not to overstrain it unnecessarily. Also it is necessary for him to follow, and now, if you are an iPhone user, you have another opportunity to do it.