It was almost all my money, Dantes told about the first expensive gift for his wife

Ukrainian singer and TV presenter openly admitted that the first expensive gift for the wife spent $ 400. Once for him, this amount was exorbitant and he decided luxuriously to celebrate one of the anniversaries. Vladimir Dantes assured that now Nadia gives the more expensive gifts more often, but none of them never brought such emotions.

Vladimir Dantes and the soloist of group “Time and Glass” Hope Dorofeeva together for nine years. Their relationship is constantly tested for strength, as the pair often go on long business trips. However, the star wife find their romance, claiming that for the artists the main thing to appreciate unique moments with your loved one.

In an interview with PEOPLETALK Vladimir admitted that they have experienced different financial times. Once on a gift for your favorite famous man spent all his money. Then the sum of 100 dollars seemed exorbitant. But he never experienced those feelings, as in the days of lack of money, despite the fact that now spends on gifts much larger amount.

In one of our anniversary I rented a cool room in Opera hotel in Kiev for four hundred dollars a day. We spent the whole day and, as in the movie “Curly sue”, went to McDonalds, bought a happy meal and eat in this expensive room. It was cool. For me it was the most expensive then the gift – it was almost all my money. But now, when I give Balenciaga sneakers or handbags, that’s cool too, but not those feelings when you have no money
– said Dantes.

The artist is convinced that the key to their happy marriage life together. Dantes with own example advised in love as soon as possible to arrive, after all, only sharing with a person joint life you can understand it entirely.

Despite more than four years of marriage, the couple only thinks about kids. Vladimir said that for their children it is important to find time, which they now little.

There is such standafer Sergey Orlov, who once said: “I’m surprised how people try to make new people just because society says that you need to make a new people.” You need to think about whether you provide them with attention, material and everything else,
the singer confessed.