It was an order Kolomoisky, Poroshenko commented on the scandal with suspicions of his entourage

Это был приказ Коломойского - Порошенко прокомментировал скандал с подозрениями его окружению

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in a live TV channel “1+1” program “Right to rule” said the Head of Department of the procedural management in criminal proceedings of GPU Konstantin Kulik, who on March 28 had said that close associates of the President have been suspected of involvement in the laundering of assets, the so-called “families” Yanukovych.

Derived from a group of prosecutors in proceedings in respect of Serhiy Kurchenko and his possible accomplices Konstantin Kulik claims that President Petro Poroshenko, representatives of his administration, people’s deputies of BPP and the leadership of the Prosecutor General’s office interfered in the investigation of this case.

Konstantin Kulik: there Were two instances when Peter, in a mild form affect the investigation of cases which have been from me. One was a case Timonkin another case of Saakashvili. I don’t want to dive into the details, but maybe he just does not remember these circumstances. I pamnyu.. the Question was served today regarding the report. The fact that I have no ability to lie. I’m a believer and go to Church. Therefore I speak as it is. Two times was the influence of Peter. It was up, I was there. Several times was the impact when referred to it by the Deputy Prosecutor General, referred to it by the attorney General. I can’t confirm that he gave such commands, but, taking into account all associated circumstances and what I saw – I think that the information attached.

The fact is that, investigating 5 years the economic bloc of the crimes of Yanukovych, periodically we are off the case knocked. We manavaralu. Anyway back to these cases and still hold the situation until the end. The moment we finished against Kurchenko and already we had to maneuver, we showed suspicions of Lojkine, Filatov, Gontareva and Stetsenko. Then the event started, which was easy to foresee. Went certain commands from the Deputy attorney General Enina, attorney General Lutsenko. I got the information from a variety of sources including (sorry, Peter) from the AP, from intelligence, from intelligence, from the security service… I spoke with management, explained that it is necessary to take a legal position, they say, see, it would be better for everyone if those persons will be charged with suspicion. In the end the user was on the dark side. The last straw was when I began people associated with Goncharow, bring copies of the questioning of our witnesses and find out who came to the GPU. As a result, this resulted in a report that the actions of my leadership can be signs of a crime under the assistance of a criminal organization. Sent to the attorney General. He has a day for consideration.

Petro Poroshenko: first Position. The case for investigating Kurchenko, referred to by Mr. Kulik, is a lot of years. No decisions, no calls (now I know for sure) on suspicion of these persons, about whom he says, – it was not. I understand you called today, the person Lozhkin, Filatov, Gontareva. I emphasize that to show suspicion, it is necessary to interrogate to interrogate these people, to gather evidence, we need to invite the person with a lawyer if you have any respect for the code of Criminal procedure. In the presence of a lawyer show suspicion. No problems with it, definitely not. The only thing you need is to have a base. But now it is very interesting. A month ago Mr. Kulik no thoughts on the matter. Until he decided to go to Israel. I do not touch the legend that was in connection with this trip. But we have reasonable information that Mr. Kulik during his visit to Israel met with the environment of the owner of this channel (we are talking about “1+1” – ed.) – Mr. Kolomoisky. And it was from him, Mr. Kulik received the order.

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Это был приказ Коломойского - Порошенко прокомментировал скандал с подозрениями его окружению