It was dreadful, Cara Delevingne remembered the date with a guy

Это было ужасно, – Кара Делевинь вспомнила о свидании с парнем

Popular model and actress Cara Delevingne in 2014 ceased to hide his bisexuality. However, in dealing with the well-known journalist decided to remember, as once went on a date with a guy.

After the presentation of the new series “Carnival row” Cara Delevingne and Orlando bloom was in the midst of the secular news. Actors are willing to attend premieres and willing to give an interview with lustres. Thus, recently, Delevingne was invited to be a guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. There is a star not only spoke about new movies, but also about his personal life.

The host asked Cara Delevingne to remember the terrible history of life. So she, without hesitation, told of one of the few dates with a guy who scared the actress.

I was once on a date with a guy. I know it’s weird, right? He seemed normal, but suddenly he said he would haunt me for the rest of your life. Now I sometimes hear it at night. Then he said, “I Hope you like the tricks papamama”. It was awful
– remembered Delevingne.

In addition, the actress admitted that she loves to make ordinary things extraordinary. In particular, Delevingne has learned to play the guitar, holding it on his shoulder. During the show she performed a melody of Sweet Home Alabama, having broken in the hall a standing ovation.

What is known about the personal life of Cara Delevingne?
According to journalists, the actress and model Cara Delevingne is already a month married to the star of the TV series “pretty little liars” Ashley Benson. Their romance first began back in early 2019, when the girls got into the lens paparazzi. However, they officially confirmed the rumors about the relationship only in mid-June, appearing together at the ceremony of birth awards Trevor Live Gala in New York.

It is known that in 2011, Delevingne was Dating Tyrone wood the son of legendary musician from the band The Rolling Stones Ronnie wood. However, their romance did not last long, and after the break, the star said about bisexuality. Therefore, the web joke that Delevingne said in the show about a failed date with Tyrone, but the star has not commented.