“It was her life”: the brother of Ani Lorak told about her divorce

«Это была ее жизнь»: брат Ани Лорак рассказал о ее разводе

Ani Lorak, famous Ukrainian singer, recently preferring to live and work in the territory of the Russian Federation yesterday officially annulled the marriage with Turkish businessman Murat Nalchajian. About the relationships that have developed between the spouses in an interview to TSN said Igor KUEK, the brother of the singer, reports Newsmir.info.

According to him, Carolina fought to the last in the relationship with my husband, and even hoped for their imminent reconciliation. “It was her life, love. She took care of the marriage to the last, tried to hold him to the last,” says Igor, adding that their Union has destroyed distance. The fact that Murat does business in Ukraine, while Carolina tours the Russian Federation. The couple always wanted to live together, but they always prevented problems with the work, so between them and any distance.

Also, according to brother Lorak, now she feels much lighter and is no longer suffering from the breakup with the man I love. Such information Igor told, regardless of the fact that many media have long been credited with Carolina deep depression caused by the betrayal of Murat and their subsequent divorce.