“It was scary”: the last moments of life decl

"Стало страшно": последние минуты жизни Децла

The contractor went quickly, and to help him failed.

Friend Cyril Tolmatskogo, known as the Decl, wanted to help when he felt ill. He even turned to the stranger, said the eyewitness

‘I was standing at the bar, drinking a beer, approached his friend and asked for some pills. I thought drugs, but it turned out he asked for a pain reliever…” – recalled the witness, the telegram channel Mash.

According to him, after this man said “it’s okay, everything will pass.” However, “after 20 ~ 30 minutes, the same friend came and asked me to call an ambulance. Soon “I saw how they run the administrator with the bartender, and begin to pump him, was scared’, said an eyewitness.

In the Internet appeared the video, which shows how doctors are trying to save the life of Cyril Tolmatsky. Declo did CPR, but this, unfortunately, did not help.

Rumors that the doctors made a mistake. One of the Krasnodar paramedics “ambulance” on condition of anonymity, criticized his colleagues tried to help the artist. They are, in the opinion of the doctor, acted unprofessional – did not ensure the patency of the upper airway. In the throat of the musician it was necessary to introduce a tube, which would be able to do the air to a ventilator, he explained KP.

“This tube air is usually found in each ambulance. But they might end up. Izhevsk Moscow, there may be a deficit. For example, in Krasnodar they are,” said the doctor

Information about the death of a popular rapper Kirill Tolmatsky (decl) arrived on the morning of 3 February. First, his father reported this to social networks and then to reporters. The author and performer of the hit “My tears, my sadness,” died after a concert in Izhevsk. He was 35 years old.

The singer performed at a private party of one of the Izhevsk businessmen. On health, he never complained, but after the concert he suddenly became ill. The doctors in the ambulance that arrived on call to save the rapper could not. Cause of death called heart failure. The investigative Committee began a review and appointed a forensic medical examination.

Many fans and colleagues expressed their condolences to the family decl. Call him not only a popular star of the 1990s, but the first “monk of rap”, who has chosen his way and followed him to the end.

At the peak of his musical career Tolmatskogo became one of the first popular rap artists of Russia. He acted Joseph Kobzon, its style and first albums influenced the formation of hip-hop in the country. Some hated and ridiculed him, and he has appeared on TV in every commercial break and played stadiums in each city.

After some time, the artist gave up everything he had – money, contracts, large rooms and chose the quiet life. Cyril was raised by 13-year-old son and continued to write.