“It will be hard” – Smigel urgently appealed to Ukrainians

"Будет тяжело" - Шмыгаль экстренно обратился к украинцам

Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal appealed to Ukrainians. In his address, the politician noted that in Ukraine the situation with the spread of the coronavirus under control. To protect the public all necessary measures are taken. Smigel noted that Ukrainians now have to get used to and adapt to the new reality whether they like it or not.

The head of government said that they clearly know where and what measures should be introduced. Also under the control of the disease, if detected infected resident, the region enters an emergency. If there is an increase in the number of cases COVID-19, then there are other restrictions – the suspension of public transport. If the situation is exacerbated as in Chernivtsi, the city is closed on quarantine completely. All entrances and exits from the city are closed and controlled by police officers.

Denis Shmyhal appealed to Ukrainians Photo: video screenshot

The city and region themselves are in favour of stricter quarantine measures. Also Smigel noted that the government hopes for a healthy perception and assessment of the situation of the Ukrainians. In particular, he recalled that the life and health of loved ones depends on young people who can afford to go to a meeting with friends or for work. The absence of symptoms does not mean that the person is completely healthy. So need extra time to think and to refuse meetings and other events, it can hurt family and friends.

Further, Smigel appealed to the businessmen. He asked them to transfer the business to remote mode especially hot, he is encouraged to do this those who are not working in critical sectors. If remote work is impossible, it is necessary to suspend work for a period of quarantine. This is necessary in order to get the country as quickly as possible back to the usual rhythm of life. The government on its part has already taken a number of measures cancelled the unified social contribution for entrepreneurs. Also abolished the tax on property and land. At the moment the government is negotiating with international partners for the support for small and medium businesses. He promised that officials will negotiate with the IMF, whose money will provide substantial support to the country during the quarantine and the spread of coronavirus.

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Denis Shmyhal explained that the priorities for government is to support entrepreneurs and ordinary Ukrainians, who could lose their jobs. Now comes the formation of the stabilization Fund of the country. At the end of his address Smigel noted that Ukraine will overcome the coronavirus and is now a program of economic development of the country after a pandemic.