“It will definitely be worse than now”

«Точно будет хуже, чем сейчас»

The border of the two Irelands — perhaps the most pressing question “breccia”. Now the border between two EU countries is almost none. “Hard” border tear the close economic ties that took shape half a century.

Eamon Devlin, entrepreneur:

“I would say that they would arrange random checks — so they will fight against smuggling. Well, this is how to set your computer to be easier to work with. I grew up on the border. We have objects on both sides, so we all know that. England had to go, it was wrong. Any businessman in the country will tell you this”.

Live on one side and every day to work on the other — absolutely fine for the Irish. Border control for them will be equal to the loss of a job.

Justin Moun, entrepreneur:

“There will be less work. Less money in the local economy, it will hit the city. Here’s the border, and what is happening will hit both countries. I myself am from the North. A lot of talk about “hard” border, and I don’t even know what all these words mean. But I do know that I will always be more difficult just to get to work.”

Entrepreneurs openly say that specifically in this region, “breccia” will have only negative consequences:

Martin Macvicar, entrepreneur:

“What’s going on — now we have no more understanding than during the referendum. And uncertainty is bad for business and for everyday life in border areas”.

Kevin McGuire, owner of:

“If you will build a real border, our employees will have to cross it four times a day just to get to work in the morning and in the evening home. This is absurd”.

Living on both sides of the Irish fear that the fragile peace between Catholics and Protestants, unionists and Republicans will be disturbed after the construction of the real border.

Gus O’gorman, owner of:

“Tragedy will be any decision that will disrupt the peace and tranquility established by the Belfast agreement.”

Eugene O’gorman, owner of:

“To maintain control over what is happening, you need composure and prudence”.

FINBAR Daly, entrepreneur:

“”Brakcet” is a political decision that will have economic consequences. We have no idea what happens next as can evaporate 45 years of close ties of the UK and the EU. But it is absolutely clear that it will be worse than it is now — and that is the whole problem.”

To “breccia” is less than five months, and in the matter of the boundary clarity.

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