Italdesign has prepared for Geneva new sports car (VIDEO)

Italdesign подготовил к Женеве новый спорткар (ВИДЕО)

Owned by the Volkswagen group Italian Studio automotive design and engineering company italdesign has published videotizer new model.

In the video, apparently, shows a sports car with a big wing.

No details at the moment were not disclosed: announced that the premiere of a secret new items will be held on March 5 at the Geneva motor show.

In 2017 Italdesign, to be exact – based on the car brand Automobili Speciali presented in Geneva coupe Zerouno, and a year later brought on the same platform exhibition Roadster Zerouno Duerta.

Both the sports car received a carbon-aluminum chassis, carbon-fiber body and a 5.2-liter aspirated V10 like the Audi R8 and Lamborghini Huracan. Every model released only in five copies, all sold to collectors, for which it was founded are brand new.

Among other recent works Italdesign – sports car Nissan GT-R50, based on mass-produced GT-R NISMO, but has a completely different body.

This model will release only 50 copies – a million euros apiece.