Italian farmers are paid for Charter flights for their migrant workers (video)

Итальянские фермеры оплатили чартерные рейсы для своих рабочих-мигрантов (видео)

The fields are ripe with harvest became a time bomb for Italian farmers.

When a coronavirus, the country has closed the so-called green corridors, the economy has lost thousands of seasonal workers who came to harvest.

However, in the valley of Fucino Abruzzo farmers decided not to sit idly by while their crops rot in the fields. They came up with a way to bring workers in Italy.

Farmers hired companies that conduct Charter operations, and brought workers from Morocco to Italy. Each plane was half full, to ensure social distancing.

Then all arrived two weeks spent in quarantine.

Every season in Italy is coming to 350 thousand migrant workers. They usually stay in the country from March to November. However, this year because of the pandemic, the borders were closed right before their arrival.

In this June 15, Italy opened its doors for foreign travelers not from the Schengen area and the EU. This means that for many farmers the season is not completely lost.