Italian singer al Bano was included in the list of persons who threaten the security of Ukraine. He said he does not consider himself a terrorist

Итальянского певца Аль Бано внесли в список лиц, угрожающих безопасности Украины. Тот заявил, что не считает себя террористом

On March 6, the Ministry of culture of Ukraine introduced the famous Italian singer al Bano (Albano Carrisi) to the list of people who threaten national security.

75-year-old singer in an interview with Agi, which was published on 11 March, said that the decision of the Ukrainian authorities is unfair. He stated that he “never said a single bad word about Ukraine”. According to al Bano, it is unacceptable that people “who always sang about the world, is now considered a terrorist.”

The singer promised to contact the Ukrainian Ministry of culture and the Ambassador of Ukraine in Italy, to ensure that the incident is “not a hoax”.

In 2014, al Bano in an interview with Corriere della Sera welcomed the annexation of Crimea. In 2018 in the same publication he described himself as “Putintsev”.

Ukraine’s Ambassador in Rome, Yevhen Perelygin said on the page Embassy in Facebook that he is ready to meet with the contractor and explain to him the position of official Kiev.

“I can tell you why the arts, especially the well known, dangerous to flirt with the bloodthirsty dictatorial regimes, whether in the Kremlin, Syria or other countries. I’ll try to convince him that the Russian propaganda thesis about the “return of the Crimea to Russia” de facto legitimizes and encourages the Russian military intervention in Crimea and the Donbass”, – said the Ukrainian diplomat.

Al Bano is considered a master of Italian music. In the 1980-ies many of his songs, which he performed a duet with then wife romini Power, became the world’s Khatami (Felicita, Ci Sara, Liberta, etc.).

In December 2018, the Ministry of culture of Ukraine included in the “black list” of the famous Italian actor Michele Placido, who approve of Russian military action in Syria and called unreasonable reaction of the world community to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.