Italian virologist, said that the coronavirus began to “wane”

Итальянский вирусолог заявил, что коронавирус начал "ослабевать"

Important: the Coronavirus began to “wane”. This was stated by the famous Italian Virology Massimo Clementi.

Details: well Known Italian virologist and Vice-rector of the University of Milan Vita-Salute San Raffaele, Massimo Clementi, said that the coronavirus began to “wane”. It quoted Russian media.

In particular, the physician reported that “in may, our doctors noted a progressive decline in the severity of the disease, which hospitalized infected with coronavirus patients.”

According to him, “it was not only about reducing the number of cases, but the reduction in the number of patients who required treatment in the ICU, in particular, in connection with pneumonia also increased the number of infected, which can be treated at home.”

Virologist says: “it became Clear that the viral load in the initial stage of the epidemic was significantly ten times higher than at the end of may. This result is very important”.

The Italian added: “the Improvement of the clinical picture, accompanied by a clear decrease in viral load, presumably means that the coronavirus is weakened”.

The medic also said: “soon a new virus is so weakened that like other coronaviruses will cause only a trivial respiratory illness. If the virus, we believe, will gradually become less virulent, the recurrence of the situation that has arisen this winter, will not.”

The topic June 9, 2020 the Americans said that the coronavirus has begun to rage in China last August.

June 5, 2020 it was reported that COVID-19 have been genetically engineered. A new study by scientists from Australia.