Italy offer to install a wall of plexiglass between the seats in trains and buses

В Италии предлагают установить заграждения из плексигласа между сидениями в поездах и автобусах

The idea is to allow filling the salons of public transport by 100%. Technicians are working to prepare a common document to transfer in the Scientific and technical Committee.

Side shields out of plexiglass between the seats in commuter trains and buses, to allow the maximum allowable load for passenger compartments in public transport. This hypothesis, which was announced during a meeting between regional and municipal authorities and the government, represented by Ministers of transport, health and regional Affairs.

The hypothesis will be included in an overall document, which will be presented to the Scientific and technical Committee and will be approved in September. The proposal is awaiting the conclusion of the Inail on the security aspects of passengers on Board.

Regions also need to abolish the rule of distancing, providing only the obligation to wear a mask, claiming that “the limit is 50% of the seats makes it impossible to drive students to school,” says informportal Italy.

The aim of the government was announced &8203;&8203;Minister Francesco Boccia: the return of local public transport to the “previous Covid phase” sector, which has suffered since the beginning of the pandemic due to the lack of ticket sales. The idea of returning to the “maximum vehicle load” was illustrated by the Minister for regional Affairs the governors.

To help the transport sector in crisis, the government has allocated 700 million in 2020, recalled during the meeting the Minister of infrastructure Paola de Micheli, stressing that the Executive branch “comply with its obligations” by providing in the August decree 400 million for the regions and 300 million for municipalities.

“We will do everything possible, she added, is to be prepared in September.”

The government