Italy will cooperate with the Crimea even under sanctions

Италия будет сотрудничать с Крымом даже под санкциями

Sanctions will not prevent cooperation of Italy and the Republic of Crimea. About it journalists were reported by a member of the Italian delegation, which arrived in Simferopol in the framework of cooperation with the Crimea and the municipality of the Crimean capital, the mayor of the municipality of Santa Teresa di Rivo and the Deputy of the Sicilian regional Parliament Lo Giudice Danilo.

– In our opinion, what we today (with the members of the delegation – Ed.) have discussed and understood that the Crimea is now developing and is under fast development, convinces us that the Crimea is open for cooperation and is possible to invest in the Crimea. This is exactly the area that now attracts us very much. We believe that the sanctions that the EU decided to restrict the ability of the Crimean people, for we do not present an obstacle. We also believe that every nation has the right to freedom of expression (…) and the realization of his vision of the world. Our cooperation is not without difficulties, but fully depend on sanctions can not, – said Lo Giudice, Danilo.

According to Pettinato Marco Antonio, the mayor of the municipality of Fondachelli-Fantina, Sicily and the Crimea have something to offer each other in the field of exchange of experience in the tourism sector:

– We are primarily interested in the tourism sector, and my colleagues were discussing the time that our tourists can come here directly, because in Moscow very uncomfortable to fly. Sicily with Crimea is actually on the direct flight and very quickly it would be possible to fly there and back. In tourism it is possible to achieve great results, but first it is necessary to discuss the issues of logistics, – said Pettinato Marco Antonio.