“It’s a fake!”: Maria Poroshina was a victim of fraud

"Это фейк!": Мария Порошина стала жертвой мошенников

The attackers made an account on “Instagram” and the name of the singer was trying to sell something to users.

Maria Poroshina warned their fans about scams that are hiding behind her last name, for a lot of money to spread “products very strange character.”

This ad the artist made on his page on “Instagram”. The fact that someone started in the social network fake account under the name “mashaaporoshina” and pretending to be an actress, sold to subscribers certain products. Poroshina said that has nothing to do with the above page is irrelevant. She also added that she does not want someone to deceive people on her behalf.

“I want publicly to warn you that to do with this horror and have not asked to be vigilant! It’s a fake!” – wrote Poroshina (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation preserved).

Note that at the moment the fake account is already deleted.

In the comments of the fans of the actress have noticed that they immediately realized that the alleged second page Poroshina is a fraud. And also reported that the fake account was checked verification.

“Who knows actress Maria Poroshina immediately realize that this she will not do”, “It was immediately clear that this is a hoax”, “I never realized, and immediately deleted this account, But I on this account was even signed. Realized that something is wrong, after a few weird posts. And cancelled the subscription,” “I, too, was signed and thought that was a real page as the tick is very sad”, “Horror.How instagram allows it, so also a check given! But people who don’t know who to believe? Maria will say that this is fake, the other the opposite,” wrote in the comments.

Earlier, Maria Poroshina has published footage from its release. According to him, she rested not one, but with a certain man. Fans of the actress immediately recorded in the cavalier fathers fifth child Poroshina.