“It’s easy to do”: the authors Red Dead Redemption 2 fueled rumors about the release of the PC version of the game

"Это легко сделать": авторы Red Dead Redemption 2 подогрели слухи о выходе PC-версии игры

The game is Red Dead Redemption 2 has got many good reviews, but there are those who remain unsatisfied – PC-gamers who did not get the opportunity to evaluate the Western. However, the head of Take-Two hinted that the project may still go out on personal computers.

According to Gamespot, despite the fact that its forecast for revenue in 2019, the publisher is not mentioned a PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2, during a recent meeting with investors, publishing Director Strauss Zelnick hinted that the release is still possible.

On the question of the fate edition of westerns for computers Zelnick said that its production difficulties will not arise:

[The release of the PC version of RDR 2] is a lay-up (basketball term for the easy shot from under the basket)! There is absolutely no impediment to release the game on the computers
– said Zelnik.

So it is possible that a PC edition of one of the best games in 2018 to be. On the other hand, the first Red Dead Redemtion has still not appeared on “the gentry” platform, even 9 years after release.

The trailer for the game Red Dead Redemtion 2 – watch the video

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