“It’s illegal”. Zelensky said the dismissal “at own will”

"Это незаконно". Зеленский прокомментировал увольнения "по собственному желанию"

18.03.2020, 21:25


Zelensky, the President recalled that the management of the enterprises has no right to compel employees to write the application about dismissal at own will

The information appeared that at many enterprises the management is forcing employees to write letters of resignation at own will – it is illegal. This was stated by President Vladimir Zelensky in the video on March 18.

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“People, no one can force you to leave on their own, if this desire you have. Do not be afraid and do not be discouraged. If the Manager puts pressure on you – immediately inform the police,” he said.

According to Zelensky, the management of state and municipal enterprises – they were warned about the penalty for the exercise of pressure on employees.

The President urged the leadership of the private companies not only do not break the law, but above all to “stay human”.

“Coronavirus pass, crisis, income returns, and the honor and respect of return will not succeed,” he said Zelensky.

  • 16 Mar Zelensky urged to provide vacation credit business at the time of the quarantine and to pay additional UAH 1,000 pensioners. He also asked the Finance Ministry to start negotiations with the IMF to provide assistance to Ukraine.
  • On 18 March, the President signed the laws on combating coronavirus and business support.