“It’s natural”. Foreign Minister of Hungary said that he sees no problems in the campaign of the Hungarians in Transcarpathia

"Это естественно". Глава МИД Венгрии заявил, что не видит проблемы в агитации венгров в Закарпатье

The participation of foreign politicians in campaigning is completely natural. In an interview with “Voice of America” published on July 18, Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Siyyarto.

He stressed that he does not understand why the Ukrainian authorities react so negatively to the visits of Hungarian officials in Transcarpathia on the eve of parliamentary elections in Ukraine.

“You know, if any leader of a neighboring country will come to Hungary to meet with his minority on our territory, we will be happy. No complaints,” – said Siyyarto.

He added that the Hungarian authorities also would not mind if Ukrainian politicians are openly campaigning for someone in Hungary.

“We believe this is natural. Serbs have no problems with the fact that I visit Serbia during the election campaign and are seen there with the Hungarian community. No problem. Romania has no problems, Slovakia has no problems,” – said Siyyarto.

In his opinion, the Ukrainian authorities should not have to react so negatively.

“I do not think that the promotion of Hungarians in Transcarpathia to participate in the election contrary to the interests of Ukraine”, – he said.

Szijjártó also denied the information of the MFA of Ukraine on the fact that he was invited to Kyiv, and then were invited to go to Transcarpathia.

“There was no invitation, it’s a lie. I didn’t get no invitation to visit Kiev. How could this happen? You are not the Minister of foreign Affairs,” he said.

July 15, Ukraine’s foreign Ministry called on the representatives of Hungary to be careful when interacting with Ukrainians of Hungarian origin who live in the Transcarpathian region, and not to cross “red lines”. This statement was made after informal visit to Zakarpattia oblast head of administration of the Prime Minister of Hungary, Gergely Guasha to participate in a public event in Uzhgorod district. The Hungarian party is urged to refrain from actions that could be construed as campaigning.

16 Jul Szijjártó made inconsistent visit to Beregovo Transcarpathian region and participated in public events related to elections. In this regard, the Ukrainian foreign Ministry said that it will appeal to “competent organs of Ukraine.”