It’s not a space surf: Cosmonaut Artemyev showed skills in WoT

Это не космос бороздить: Космонавт Артемьев показал навыки игры в WoT

Turns out he knows absolutely nothing about computer games.

Cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev is much easier to surf the cosmos, rather than battle it out in Word of Tanks (WoT). Test pilot felt like a complete loser, because to achieve success in a tank simulator also requires certain skills. Cosmonaut Artemyev showed what he’s capable of in the framework of the WoT, but his skills are not enough for many. In the first battle, the pilot of the destroyed gamer under the name Eleanor, and then his tank also exploded. Cosmonautics Day Artemyev failed to lose a single game in WoT. He had to answer the questions of players.

Gamers were interested in whether a procedure is in dedication to the astronauts. As it turned out, the informal relationship between the test pilots there. The real test, they consider the delivery of various examinations and tests. During inspections 100 experts have the right to ask future astronauts many questions, even off topic. Moreover, the results of the passed exam is valid for only three years. After this time had to be tested again.

Artemyev said that the ISS astronauts cheer up food. A favorite food of American test pilots are cottage cheese with nuts. Russian cosmonauts exchanged it for seafood. It turns out that food on the ISS is considered a true currency. Artemyev called the Land a space ship on which all people move in space.