It’s too risky before the fight with Joshua: Moustache received a warning before the fight

Oleksandr Usyk received a warning from a known promoter Eddie Hearn, who organizes the fight of the Ukrainian Derek Cooroy. The head of Matchroom Boxing, said that Chisora is too dangerous for a style of Mustache, and can harm the chances of Ukrainians to meet with world champion Anthony Joshua.

Hearn said that would not advise the Mustache to fight Cioroi if the Ukrainian contract was a fighter.

“It’s too risky before the big fight against Joshua” – quoted BoxingScene Hearn.

Thus, Hearn once confirmed that the Mustache in the next match after the victory over Cooroy will get a chance to meet Joshua.

Earlier, Hearn said that Joshua and Usyk will meet, if we fail to organize the British in the battle for the title of absolute world champion.

Sounds strange, but I think the style of Chisora is more dangerous for Moustache than Joshua. Anthony loves to glide around the ring, likes to fight, to use Boxing skills
said Hearn.

He noted that the main danger Chisora is not in his Boxing skills, and the ability to fight. “And we don’t know, looks like a Mustache when he begins to fight,” added promoter.

Hearn said that means messy fight, when the boxers using banned techniques.

I’m not talking about Boxing, and about the dirty fighting. When it gets hard when there are bumps on the head, in the belt. Can Cirrus and fit that style of fighting, but we don’t know. But I know exactly what Derek can do it,
summed up the promoter.

What is known about the battle of the Tendril – Chisora?

  • Boxers are supposed to meet on may 23 in London (England) at the O2 arena. Invincible for the Ukrainians it will be only the second fight in the heavyweight division.
  • Athletes are already met after the press conference. On it, the fighters first met in a duel of views.
  • The battle may be transferred in the summer of 2020. Eddie Hearn said that because of the epidemic of the coronavirus can be cancelled all the Boxing night scheduled for may in the UK.
  • Although Chisora says he is ready to fight with the Mustache even with empty stands.

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