Ivan Fedorov has told, on what streets in Melitopol will be a modern street lighting

Иван Федоров рассказал, на каких улицах в Мелитополе появится современное уличное освещение

In Melitopol from a night off of street lighting will save LED-lamps.

Since the end of August, Kharkov company will initiate a global replacement of street lighting in the Northern part of the city. Only 44 and 5 yards high-rise sector this year will be modernized street lighting system. The installation of modern LED lamps will be produced due to loan and grant funds Nordic environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO). About the prospects of retrofitting street lighting in the city told the adviser of the mayor of Melitopol and the first Deputy Governor Ivan Fedorov.

Installation of modern LED lamps will be engaged in LLC “Dorstroy Installation of Kiev”. This Kharkiv company won the tender for the project “Capital repair of street lighting network in Melitopol by retrofitting LED lamps”. The implementation of this project will be spent 14.7 million hryvnia credit (taken for 5 years at 4% per annum) and 183,5 thousand Euro of the grant of the company NEFCO. The share of local budget – 2 mln. The start of work was delayed due to the fact that the Treasury has varied accounts and donor for a long time determined the winner.

The first tranche of NEFCO in the amount of 4,4 million UAH. the city is already gone. From August 1, will be partially introduced in Melitopol equipment: power cables, supports, brackets. But the works themselves will begin in late August. Contractor chose directly to the office of NEFCO is located in Helsinki. It is the grantor gave their suggestions and comments, the winner was determined. The tender was attended by many participants. Each had many questions. As a result of this project the expected savings for the year will total 2.2 mln.. a huge savings of budgetary funds, – said the adviser of the mayor of Melitopol, first Deputy Governor of Zaporizhzhya region Ivan Fedorov.

All of the work the contractor agrees to comply with in 2.5 months. All will be installed about 4 thousand of LED lamps. The upgrades will lead to savings 967 thousand kilowatts of electricity. This means that the Melitopol will be able to get away from night-outages street lighting.

Overhaul of the street lighting network is planned on 44 streets: the street Chkalov, building Intercultural, Intercultural building (courtyards), street Alekseeva, St. kakhovskoye highway, street index, street Construction, street grizodubovoy, Tchaikovsky street, St. Brive-La-Gaillarde, Gagarina str., St. Yaroslav the Wise, Universitetskaya str., Molodezhnaya str., Gogol str., Gogol str (courtyards), building of Friendship, fevralskaya street, street Kazarceva, St. Cossack, St. Sagaidachnogo str Baybulatova, O. Gonchara str., building Guards, Independence, street and lane Chkalov, I. Franko street, St. Alexander Nevsky, St. Tischler street Vakulenchuka str., St. B. Mihailova street on October 23, Batrakova St. M., St. M. Kravets, St. Sopina, street Zaporozhye, St. P. Lovetskiy, Tsiolkovsky St., Suvorova St., Sevastopol, PR-t 50-letiya Pobedy (yards).