Ivan Okhlobystin made his wife and children to paint the hair in the colors of the Russian flag

Иван Охлобыстин заставил жену и детей выкрасить волосы в цвета российского флага

The series “Interns” shut down in 2016. Now all the venture and jokes Dr. Bykov, who so adorned the sitcom, Ivan Okhlobystin was moved to the home. In his Instagram, the former Reverend father John regularly publishes tongue-in-cheek posts, the heroes of which belong to the family of the artist.

New publication in Instagram Okhlobystin like the patriots, because the picture shows the wife and children of Ivan Ivanovich painted in the colors of the Russian flag hair.

According to Ivan Okhlobystin, heroes photos lost his desire in the course of a dispute about the size of Russia. Debt payment is red, so the wife of actor Oksana Arbuzova and his older children had to carry unusual desire of the father. The Director believes that now the loser can participate in the military parade on red square.

Ivan Okhlobystin in the image of Dr. Bykov Uznayvse.ru two weeks ago, talked about the celebration of the birth of Ivan Okhlobystin. The series “Interns” become friends of the actors who played the main role. On a visit to “Andrew E.” came Kristina Asmus, Svetlana Permyakova and Alexander Ilyin, whose beard caused heated discussions among the fans.

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