J. K. Rowling posted a story, written 10 years ago

Джоан Роулинг выложила сказку, написанную 10 лет назад

Author JK Rowling will publish online a tale Icebag that she wrote over 10 years ago.

According to her, is a work of righteousness, and abuse of power. In the story, all events take place in a fictional country, but the tale in no way associated with Harry Potter and no magic.

“Icebag” is the story of “in the fairy tradition”, created for an imaginary land and are intended primarily for children aged seven to nine years. This is a story about truth and abuse of power,” she said, adding that it “themes are timeless and can relate to any era or any country.”

Now Icebag published on the website of the writer. There is already posted the first two chapters, and the other 34 will appear every Wednesday until July 10. John Rowling decided to publish a book freely available through the children, who are now quarantined.

In November of this year the book will appear in paper, electronic and audio summaries, and then it will translate from English to other languages. All fees will be provided for projects assisting the groups, especially those affected by the pandemic.

The writer even suggested the children to take part in the competition of illustrations to the tale. The drawings of the winners will be included in the published book.