Jaguar Land Rover provided the vehicles for combat COVID-19 in Russia

Jaguar Land Rover предоставил автомобили для борьбы с COVID-19 в России

The British company has donated more than 20 vehicles search and rescue unit “Lisa Alert”, which is under quarantine has been helping people from risk zones.

Jaguar Land Rover handed car 21 search and rescue unit “Lisa Alert” in Russia for a period of quarantine in a pandemic of a novel coronavirus COVID-19. About it reports a press-service of the British automaker.

The volunteer group “Lisa Alert” involved in the search for missing persons, now in the context of the pandemic was decided to help people from areas of risk. Cars brands Land Rover, Range Rover and Jaguar will be used for the delivery of medicines, food and necessities to the elderly.

Search and rescue unit “Lisa Alert” was created in 2010 to conduct and coordinate searches for missing people in any environment. Plus, the organization holds exhibitions and training events. In 10 years of existence, the group “Liza Alert” took part in the rescue of more than 45 thousand people.

In addition to Jaguar Land Rover’s vehicles from their fleets to combat the spread of COVID-19 in Russia granted and other companies. Among them are BMW, Audi, and Kia, who joined the national programme of mutual aid in the context of the epidemic Myvesta.