Jamal alarmed fans: “Everything goes wrong, I can’t stand”

Джамала встревожила поклонников: "Все идет не так, я не выдержу"

Famous Ukrainian singer Jamal told her.

The photo that appeared on page Jamala, she appeared on the overview of the audience in an unusual way. The singer is imprinted somewhere in a cafe, which came in a cute green dress with white floral print. Her hair is straightened and wound on a light natural makeup. Jamal folded his arms on his chest and with a smile looking at the camera. In the caption for this fun photo, the actress talks about unpleasant moments Monday.

“As you started the week? I have a very hard, a feeling that everything goes wrong. Carrying white pants from the dry cleaners – they fell. Bent down to pick them up from bags had the bag. I hadn’t noticed that he had lost his “wealth” – a lipstick, a brush… took Bud to the vet, I was “blessed” with the news that my dog should give birth, otherwise… to give birth to Bud? I can’t take it. In the afternoon I have rehearsal. Hope next day will be better! But it’s all the little things in life. Have a good day! Smile!”, – written by Jamal.

Fans did not remain indifferent and began to comment on the publication of Jamala. Followers delighted with the luxurious image of the singer in the photo and covered her with compliments in the comments. Also, calm the singer and have a great week. “Happiness! Don’t worry, Monday is a hard day. More is better”, “Everything will be fine. Things sometimes get lost, but it’s nothing”, “Beauty”, “All is well”, – write fans in the comments to the photo.