Jamal commented on the performance of Verka Serduchka at the Eurovision song contest-2019

Джамала прокомментировала выступление Верки Сердючки на Евровидении-2019

Singer Andrei Danilko, who plays the stage image of Verka Serduchka, will go to the Eurovision song contest in 2019 as an invited guest. His participation in the international competition commented singer Jamal.

In comments to the “high life”, the actress admitted she was delighted with the news that Verka Serduchka will go to the Eurovision song contest in 2019. Jamala is sure that her colleague in show business is a kind of icon of the vocal project, so not upset that I will not take the stage in tel Aviv.

Verka Serduchka – the icon and the symbol of “Eurovision”. Yet my song is associated with more substantive and dramatic content. Serduchka is a holiday, so I’m not offended!
– said Jamal.

In addition, the star said that she is now with her husband Seyt-Bekir Suleymanov is actively developing its business. Recently in Kiev have already opened their second coffee shop, the arrangement of which cost more than an apartment in the capital.

“I am just the wife of my husband, I always support him, inspire him and are inspired by them. He is obsessed with coffee and good service. Since I’m picky with music, and they to coffee. This machine, which makes coffee is like a flat, really! When I tell my father how much my clip, he can not believe, how to remove clips for 30 to 40 thousand dollars! So here, people buy yourself a coffee machine that other people drank good coffee,” – said Jamal.

The performance of Verka Serduchka at the Eurovision song contest-2019 that is known

Back in February 2019 New channel has published the news that Andrey Danilko will go to the Eurovision song contest in 2019. Then the managers of the actor confirmed to reporters LifeStyle 24 that in fact the negotiations with the organizers of the international vocal contest, and the final visit of the singer in tel Aviv to speak still early.

For several months representatives of Verka Serduchka has agreed on all the issues about the performance of her Eurovision-2019, and in the middle of April 2019 announced: Andrey Danilko will take the stage in tel Aviv. Ukrainian artist will be invited star guest of the show. During Eurovision-2019 Verka Serduchka will not perform with his song, and with track Netty Barzilai “Toy”.

In addition, the popular singing show, viewers will see performances by the winners of the Eurovision song contest Nettie barzilay, Dana International, Conchita Wurst and contestants 2018 Eleni, Furari. 14 and may 16 will be the semi-finals of Eurovision-2019, and already the 18th the whole world will know the name of the winner.