Jamal, member of “the Bachelor 9”, Vakarchuk and others: how the stars react to the law on language

Джамала, участница "Холостяк-9", Вакарчук и другие: как звезды реагируют на закон о языке

In Ukraine held a historic moment – the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law on functioning of the Ukrainian language. For this decision voted 278 deputies responded to a lot of representatives of different cultural backgrounds. Among them, singers Jamala and Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, the poet Andriy Lyubka and participant in season 9 of the reality show “the Bachelor” Olga Jeremiah.

On 25 April the Parliament voted for the draft law “On ensuring the functioning of Ukrainian as the state language”. This law changes the language policy and the conditions for its implementation, and the Ukrainian language will have to talk to all citizens and those who want to become a citizen of the state.

One of the first law on the Ukrainian language was responded to by the contractor and the leader of the group “Okean Elzy” Svyatoslav Vakarchuk.

“Well done! Did not disappoint,” said the artist.

The historical event in Ukraine also reacted to the winner of the Eurovision song contest in 2016 and a native of Crimea Jamal. The actress wrote an impromptu poem in which he admitted that every day tries to improve the skills of the Ukrainian language.

“I am perfect you every day, I don’t always succeed and I, arguing with you and fighting. And as you start to sing, I confess, falling in love with you again and again, because you make me a better love, I thank you for it. I promise I will not fail, so infinitely and sincerely love you! “–fascinated a heartfelt message Jamal.

Ukrainian poet Andriy Lyubka also not left behind the language of the law and shared his thoughts that Ukraine had to learn not one historical lesson to the end to wait for that day.

“Thank you to all involved in the Law on the state language! We had twenty-eight years and a war to the society and the government finally realized the importance of the Ukrainian language. Language is a weapon!”, – said in a note Lyubka.

The debate and congratulating the Ukrainians with the adoption of the bill joined the Ukrainian presenter and participant in the popular reality show “the Bachelor” season 9 Olga Jeremiah. According to her, the day April 25 – a truly historic because “the deputies understood legislative “spam”, “opposition bloc” and surrendered under the pressure of the “morality and conscience” of Filaret and Yushchenko”.

“I have the only state language!.. Change a lot. To lose three years – then will be fined. To put in prison will not. Criminal liability the document does not provide. Shall enter into force two months later, in full will to act in ten years. While the text on the website BP doesn’t see, therefore, catch such an illustration. Probably today a little holiday. Congratulations! “–said the information his supporters Olga Jeremiah, adding Instagram-the message detailed an infographic 24 channels.

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Джамала, участница "Холостяк-9", Вакарчук и другие: как звезды реагируют на закон о языке

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