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Джамала презентувала альбом "Крила": що треба знати про кожну з пісень - 24 Канал

October 12, the Ukrainian singer Jamala has presented a new “Wings” album. This is the fifth Studio album of the singer.

The album ten tracks: seven Ukrainian language and three in English. Among the musicians who took part in the work on the release of Ukrainian jazz pianist who lives in new York, Yefim Chupakhin and guitarist of the band “Okean Elzy” Vladimir Apsense. The album was recorded at 211 Recording Studio and Istok Studio.

According to Jamala, in her new album, you can hear several musical styles, from minimalist electronic music to deep soul a La Motown Records in the ‘ 70s.

I wrote it in the last year and a half, and during that time in my life many things have happened, the most important of which is marriage and the birth of a son. Of course, all this affected the sound, and the contents of the album. On each song I want to say separately, they are all very important to me
– shared the star.

The singer also spoke about each of the songs from the album “Wings”.


This song is about what each of us needs the support of others. At each stage of our lives there are people who help us, encourage and inspire. This is especially important in difficult moments, when you sit and think, “Well, why me? Why do I get the most challenging test?” In these moments you need these wings-faith, angel or loved one near.

Watch the clip of Jamala’s “Wings”:


The Great Pretender

Composition says that a lot of girls are forced to “sell” yourself, and preferably expensive. They make bright makeup, wear revealing outfits and go to a bar or night club “hunting.” But they pretend, in fact their hearts are broken, they are lonely.

Listen to Jamala’s song The Great Pretender:



Sometimes you’re sad you miss someone, and suddenly realize that you kind of even like it. There is a certain buzz, especially in the fall. You’re more likely to want to experience that feeling. He only has five minutes left and I already miss them…

Watch the clip of Jamala’s “Miss you”:



This song is about mutual affection, almost love, which arises during correspondence in social networks, and the disappointment that comes after meeting offline.

Listen to Jamala’s song “Love”:



According to the singer, this song is about a fleeting meeting. You face somewhere in the subway car, smiling, but stop going in different directions, everyone rushes about their business. And yet, the more you will never see each other.

Listen to Jamala’s song “the Stranger”:



That is possibly the most romantic song on the album. The heroine on the banks of the sea watching the endless motion of the waves. Thanks to them, she does not feel lonely.

Listen to Jamala’s song “Waves”:


The crowd

The song Jamal was inspired by the poem Eleny Teligi “Black square”. It’s about how changing public opinion. Today you love and adore, and the next day organize the persecution. In the chorus she sounds like a mantra, and the verses we with writer Victoria and platovo changed, added more modern language, using that for singing there is a rather complex poetic form.

Listen the song Jamala “Crowd”:



Love is selfish. You think: he is on this earth just for me. His smile, his laugh, his words, all this me-me-me-me-me. To think so is very nice.

Listen the song Jamala “to Love”:



Happiness and freedom are always side by side. You’re happy when you have freedom of choice. It is freedom that gives you that feeling. Conversely, when you’re happy, you’re free, your soul soars in the sky.

Listen to Jamala’s song “Happiness”:


I Believe in U

This is a message to all disillusioned, to anyone who needs support.

Watch the clip Jamala I Believe in U:


A month after the release of Jamal goes on tour in support of the new album. The tour kicks off November 14 and will cover eight cities: Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lutsk and Rivne. Capital public the new program will be presented on 23 November at the club Bel Etage.

To buy tickets for the concert in Kiev you can here.

The previous album by Jamala “Podeh” was released exactly three years ago, 12 Oct 2015, and was awarded several music prizes, in particular, YUNA 2016 in the category “Best album of the year”.

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