Japan from July 1 to resume commercial whaling

Япония с 1 июля возобновляет коммерческий промысел китов

Japan from 1 July for the first time in 30 years resumes whaling for commercial purposes. According to the established quota, Japanese whalers are allowed to get to the end of this year, 227 whales three species.

The resumption of whaling became possible after Japan’s withdrawal in December from the International whaling Commission (IWC), which it was a part of since 1951. A moratorium on commercial fishing of whales was maintained since 1982. During this period, whaling was conducted only for scientific purposes outside the Japanese economic zone.

Environmentalists argue that Japan conducts commercial whaling, only under the guise of scientific research. A moratorium on whaling for commercial purposes was introduced over thirty years ago in connection with a serious decline in the population of these marine mammals. Exceptions are made only for the indigenous peoples of the territories where historically mined whales for scientific research. Today, in addition to Japan’s capture of cetaceans in the world ocean are engaged only in different degree, Norway, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland as well, extremely minimal, small peoples of the United States, Canada, Russia and Indonesia.

In 2014 the UN international court in the Hague has demanded from Tokyo to stop whaling program because, as stated, it is not scientific, and commercial purposes.

The tradition of whaling in Japan exists since the XII century.