Japan launched the first private rocket

Япония запустила первую частную ракету

In Japan, the launch site near the town of Taiki in Hokkaido on Saturday, may 4, he launched the first private rocket development MOMO. Video of the launch showed the company-Creator of rocket Interstellar Technologies.

Note, the rocket launched the third time. The previous two attempts in the past year failed.

In the current launch of the rocket, as planned, went up into space to a height of 100 km, all the systems worked fine. After that, she fell into the ocean near Hokkaido.

Missile length is 10 m, diameter 50 cm and weight about a ton. The cost of the project, according to some estimates, does not exceed 50 million yen (445 million dollars).

At Interstellar Technologies hope after 2020 to establish commercial production of compact rockets designed to launch ultra-small satellites.