Japanese drums and flute composer Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice told about playing music

Японские барабаны и флейта - композитор Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice рассказала об игровой музыке

Game Informer an exclusive lighting Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice shared the materials about almost all key features of the game. This time the journalists talked with composer Yuka Kitamura (Yuka Kitamura), who spoke about the process of creating the soundtrack.

According to Kitamura, unlike in previous games, FromSoftware, where music was predominantly heard during boss battles in Sekiro soundtrack will become a full companion and will play in the background most of the way. Each character Shadows Die Twice will correspond to their own musical theme.

The aim of the composer was to create a musical accompaniment, focusing on Japanese setting Sekiro. The task was not easy – the usual fantasy orchestral soundtrack doesn’t seem to fit the game. The time and place of the action “Sekira” – the Sengoku period, known for bloody conflicts. So when writing music landmark has some “wildness” in the sound.

The basis of the soundtrack Kitamura refers to the family of Japanese drums under the name Taiko. In addition, it was used a lot records, and other Japanese instruments, including the flute Shinobu (shinobue). They will join and the tools that were used in the work on Dark Souls , for example, the violin and cello.

The beauty of ancient Japan, its high tradition and religious elements are also reflected in the music Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. To hear it in all its glory will be on March 22 – on this day the game will appear on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.