Japanese engineers have created a robot with the face of a boy of ten

Hiroshi Ishiguro specializiruetsya on making realistic-looking androids.

Японский инженер создал робота с лицом десятилетнего мальчика

Professor Ishiguro makes of robots in Osaka. The new robot with the face of a boy of ten, whom he had created a soft face and hands, and he most likely can copy the facial expressions of the person. Called his brainchild of Japanese engineer Ibuki (Ibuki). The robot is equipped with a scanning system of persons and has a special asymmetrical platform with wheels that the movement mimics the human gait. In addition, the robot for realism perception there are involuntary movements, like blinking and movements of the head and eyes during the conversation.

“Intelligent robot infrastructure is an infrastructure, based on interaction. Through interaction with robots, people can establish nonverbal communication with artificial systems. That is the goal of the robot is to exist as a partner and to have valuable interactions with people, writes Ishiguro. – Our goal is to develop technologies for information infrastructures of the new generation, based on computer vision, robotics and artificial intelligence.”

Ishiguro – robotics, playing on the boundaries of the human. He made a literal copy of itself in 2010. Its current robots even more realistic and emotionally distorted face Ibuki and delicate hands is really cool. However, imagine that these soft rubber hand in one not so fine day that will clamp around your throat, when the robots rise up to pick up privately held the world.

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