Japanese players threw Left Alive low scores. After that, the game is banned to stream

Японские игроки закидали Left Alive низкими оценками. После этого игру запретили стримить

Apparently, Left Alive was released the same plain, it seemed to be in past trailers. The release of action in the universe of Front Mission in Japan was held on February 28. Gamers did not like the game – the first estimates are woefully low.

On the Japanese version of Amazon entertainment currently has a very poor average rating 1.6 out of 5 points. The players mention the unbalanced difficulty, poor design, awkward control, the curve of character animation and faded graphics.

The first time after the release gamers a chance to stream Left Alive. The exception was only story cut-scenes – they broadcast it. However, a couple of days ago the streaming was cut off – when you try to start the stream via YouTube, there is a notification that the application is not authorized.

As reported by Siliconera, most of the negative evaluations came before the ban on broadcast.

In addition the game is now sold on the Japanese Amazon with a discount of 48 % – the initial price 8 964 yen (5 283 rubles) was reduced to 4,700 yen (2 770 rubles). According to Western journalists, such a drastic fall, they were last seen last June, when the price of the New Gundam Breaker were cut by 56% in less than a week.

Most likely, this news will deter from buying the game, but still recall: the rest of the world Left Alive will launch on March 5 on PC and PlayStation 4.