Jared Leto, Yekaterina Varnava and Arnold Schwarzenegger learn TikTok

Джаред Лето, Екатерина Варнава и Арнольд Шварценеггер осваивают TikTok

Only the lazy didn’t get involved with Tik Tok, to join those who crave rapid popularity. This app has long been called “Hollywood for the young” because of the incredible popularity among teen bloggers. But lately to the movement of cytocarb started to join and the “old guard”. Actors whose faces are not so often seen in movies, and cult films that brought them fame, have been made already in the nineties, too, are embracing the platform. Movie-Theatre.Ru met Tik Tok-accounts of famous actors, reminding myself dancing Toosie Slide and funny scenes from everyday life.

Iron Arnie, which will soon become a grandfather, promptly bursts into popular toktakunov, literally on horseback. Contrary to the iconic image created by the actor in the movie “Terminator” in the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger is not a soulless machine, but rather a very sensitive man and animal lover. Arnold walking around the house with your pony of Whiskey, the donkey, Lulu and my dog, Cherry, and feeding them biscuits, learning together with them to wash their hands and sit in quarantine, celebrating their birthdays and decides important business on the phone in his office to the song of the group Queen “You’re my best friend”. Think video cooking chocolate protein smoothie fits in perfectly with the script of the disney movie with Arnold and two mini horses. Of course, Arnie would not be a real Schwarzenegger without killer workouts, but even on them there is a homely donkey.

By the way, that catchphrase of the Terminator with your subscribers is forgiven at the end of the recorded current tick Anthony Hopkins. “I’ll be back,” says Anthony. And really, is back with another creative video. If in the first clip signed: “I was late to the party, but better late than never” Hopkins adequately takes tosieslidechallenge and passes it Shwarzenneger, the second actor decides to sing a song on the piano. Although Anthony only two videos per account, in one of them he manages to involve in the shooting of his pet sleeping peacefully next to the cat owner.

Your workouts with the fans divided, and a 47-year-old Jared Leto. Singer and actor not too think about how to please the followers, so often shoots video of the shower or rehearsal concerts. It’s still Summer proves that not only his body and voice are in good shape. He performs covers of songs, and they sound no worse than the originals. In this lies the whole secret of the popularity of the ageless account of Jared.

Russian actors are not lagging behind their Hollywood counterparts, and also acquire accounts in Tik Tok, to remind about their existence and share fun moments from the shoot. For example, Vladimir Selivanov with other actors from “Real boys” manages to make a movie with dancing in between shots. But at home for recording video in the course is all the acting talent of Vladimir Selivanov to the song “Billie Jean” is trying to take a glass of hot tea.

Andrew Hagolan, perhaps, the most active leads to your account in Tik Tok. The actor is flaunting not only behind the scenes of filming, but also everyday moments. Of course, Hagolan shares with followers and a funny skit with the challenges. For example, in the last video Hagolan succumbed to the General influence and decided not just to dazzle quarantined “bread toad” – a loaf of bread shaped like an animal, and bread to become a Prince – a natural evolution of the toad.

Another active user of the application was Ekaterina Barnabas, which has something to amuse its fans. Catherine is sharing app of videos from the set of their new transmission with Alexander Gudkov, and does not ignore all the fashion challenges of the platform: check out drunken gait and dancing to the song Little Big.

Джаред Лето, Екатерина Варнава и Арнольд Шварценеггер осваивают TikTok