Jawa is preparing to debut a new motorcycle

Jawa готовит к дебюту новый мотоцикл

The company will release a new Jawa motorcycle.

On 15 November last year, it was announced that the Czech motorcycle manufacturer revived. Considering the company is now run by Indians. The first year after the announcement of the revival of the manufacturer has decided to celebrate the launch of Perak.

Experts are convinced that the design of the bike will follow the classic canons of the bikes. In their opinion, the vehicle will get a single seat on springs, mirrors will be placed on the wheel and the swingarm will be extended.

There is evidence, according to which the motorcycle will be equipped with 334-CC motor, torque which is equal to 31 Nm, and the power level is 30 horsepower.

According to preliminary information, the vehicle will get disc brakes at both the front and rear, dual-channel system of ABS, monoshock, inverted fork, front 18-inch wheel and a rear wheel size of 17 inches. Grip will ensure the tires Pirelli.

The cost of a new motorcycle has not yet been reported